2 years later..

Hey there, if someone is still reading this!

It’s been a WHILE since I last posted in this blog and things have changed. 2 years ago I was about to leave for my exchange year, I wasn’t fully ready for that experience and the first few months were almost a nightmare, but in the end it ended up being the best thing I’ve ever done and Malaysia feels like a second home. I won’t write too much about it because I really don’t feel like to and because it is not really the point of this blog post. 2 years later I have changed and looking back at the posts in this blog, I think I did for the best. These two years were packed, between my year abroad and graduating high school my mind was focused on different things and I literally drifted off the whole “trying to be a polyglot” thing. Not that I’ve lost my interest in languages, it is very much still there and I can proudly say that Malay is now part of my “language list”, but my approach towards languages is completely different now and still I am trying to make it fit into my current life. After graduating high school with 100\100 I was confused. I’ve never really talked about it in this blog but I have I huge passion for drawing and visual storytelling, literally I could stay hours doing it, it is my passion and I would love one day to have a job in the artistic field. This summer was difficult under many points of view because I cannot afford art school and I felt terrible, I still feel it is very unfair that I worked so hard during high school, that I have a basically perfect student curriculum and received no merits whatsoever for my scolastic archievements. Anyways, 2 years ago I would heve probably complained about it forever without actually do nothing to get where I want to go. And here comes the whole point of this blog post, I am not the same anymore and it is difficult for me to keep a blog that carries so many memories of the “old me”. Not that I have completely revolutioned my mind, I am still the same but take all of the thoughts that I had 2 year ago and put it into an almost 20 years old person with a bigger baggage of expirience on their back. I am writing this with no nostalgia, I like the person I am now and I kind of admire the 16 years old me who wanted to be the best despite all the problems they were facing. Now I write to you from England, where I hope I have a better chance to make my dreams come true, and step by step I know I can do it!

I actually don’t know if I want to keep on with this blog. I kind of  want to but at the same time I don’t, I feel so far away from the whole concept of this blog but at the same time I missed sharing my journey through learning new languages. So far, all I can say is that I cannot really promise anything to you. If I will continue please feel free to follow me and share whatever with me. If I won’t, well thank you for reading it so far, if you are interested in the more artistic\cultural side of the internet me you can follow me on instagram @benniederhamster !

Thank you for reading untill here, I hope you all are having a nice day!




Just because this is still a language based blog I thought I could do a little update to my languages list, just for fun!

Italian – native speaker

English- still struggling a bit with some points but I guess I can say I am fluent, I understand and speak without problems except few mistakes.

Japanese- It has been ages since I last opened a Japanese text book and actually spoke it but I can still understand most of it without problems. When I listen to songs in Japanese I get like 85% of the lyrics sometimes. Movies, I can understand most of the spoken conversations. Still I need to brush up a lot.

Korean- Same with Japanese honestly, maybe a little bit less. I’ve finished an intermediate level textbook and read manhwas with little difficulty but still I feel very much like a biginner.

Malay- I am intermediate. I understand it almost completely except very specific vocabulary. I can speak it with very few problems, even if sometimes I mix it with Manglish.

Chinese- No news on this side. If a programme on tv is subbed with hanzi I can get most of what is being said(power of the kanji!), and some bits of spoken. I cannot speak it very well though, tones are still a pain in the …

French- Studied that in school. I am very much school level at it. I can understand it, spoken and written but my pronounciation is awful and my vocabulary limited.

German- See above with French.





Time… what a strange thing …

I feel like this will probably be a “Old Year Considerations” post, probably incredibly boring, I say sorry in advance^^`

I’m passing all my time thinking lately, trying to understand what is actually happening to me recently.. I am 16 (soon 17), a normal messed up teenager who has no idea of what’s going on aroud her. This 2013 has been a total Purgatory for me, too many bad things happened to consider it a good year and at the same time there are too many good things to consider it a bad one. And this makes me confused, way too many things occurred too fast and this overthinking is making me going insane.

This year I have:

~Met awesome and incredible people. Some of them made me both happy and sad

~Let go a person who didn’t deserve(in my opinion) my friendship anymore

~Applied for a year abroad with AFS

~Started Korean and Chinese (♥)

~Read great books suggested by the most unexpected person

~Gone through illness almost all the year long..

~Cried over someone

~Spoken with foreign people in real life

~Been depressed

~Lost weight

~Found out new music

~Attended a Russian and Romanian course

~Written my to my very first pen pal

~Visited new places

~Fought a lot with my family

~Gone to the doctor’s surgery way too many times

~Been picked because of my appearence and my lifestyle

~Started a blog, Facebook and Twitter

~Shed too many tears

~Hurt some people I love..

I don’t think I will promote this post, I guess it will stay here, anyone can read it but I prefer not to advertise it.. It was … a sort of solace post.. If you read untill here well, thank you. Not that I am that proud of what I wrote…

I wish you all a good 2014, I am positive over this one!


  • Time passes day by day, the old day falls on us like dust, when the new day comes, don’t shake off the dust of yesterday, as to our lives they are wealth.

Hello Everyone!

Hello, I am Bennie!

This is my first time using a blog, I hope I didn’t do anything wrong, I am still learning how to use it^^

I am sharing here my languages progresses, I hope you’ll have a good time reading my posts!

So, until next time, take care~~!