요즘 바쁘지만 행복해요

I seriously like this blog. I came to like it a lot after a long time of negligence. I have like 3~4ish drafts saved but it still feels weird to write, to be honest. In front of the keyboard words just fail me and I feel like whatever I may write it will sound boring and not interesting.  Anyways, things in my life that are related to language learning are happening so why not blog about it..

These last few weeks I ”finally” got busy again. Having lot of free time is nice but laying in bed in pain all day with Korean studying in between isn’t really my style and it is boring. I started my volunteering work with AFS(exchange students programme), I did activities with international students last week and this week I am doing some orientations with the italian kids who will go on their exchange this summer. It isn’t a particular difficult task but I arrive at the end of the day very tired. Weirdly enough this tiredness didn’t slow me down with my studies at all, actually, I’ve seen a HUGE improvement in a short span of time.

My brain is starting to think in Korean. It is weird, I am not that advanced but most of the sentences elaborated in my head are coming out in Korean without me even realizing. I don’t want to sound too obsessed or anything, I hope no one gets offended by it but for me it is a big result. It means that, little by little, it is becoming more natural to my brain to process Korean and after basically a month of intense full immersion, it is no surprise to me! It reminds me of the good old days when I used to complain on Twitter about language headache. You know, that headache that occurs when you’re thinking in multiple languages all at once. I used to go crazy about it especially during my first years of high school when I was learning way too many languages at the same time.

Talking about this new skill that to me feels a bit like a victory, yesterday it got me in a quite embarrassing situation. Long story short I am taking a literacy course for my mother tongue, Sardinian. As you may or may not know, I live in Sardinia, the big island in the very centre of the Mediterranean, between Spain and Italy. Formally, we’re italians but because of culture and language we are different. The language of Sardinia is spoken by older generations because the youngers weren’t allowed to talk it or learn it in school, so often these courses are held in order to literate the population. I decided to take it, it was cheap and I really need it. Yesterday it was the first  day of lesson but I swear I couldn’t concentrate  a single bit. I was just thinking in Korean all the time and what the teacher was saying was sounding so off to me that when it was my time to speak up I was really close to say 응…좀 뭐 할까요, 제가…? 자기소개가? … and could barely manage to say ‘ I am …’ in Sardinian. That’s it. It was embarassing but kind of good for my self-esteem. I really should be more diligent when learning my mother tongue, sounds weird but… 이 기분이에요…
지금도 저는 한국어를 잘 못하는데 머리 안에서 한국어로 생각해서 영어로 쓰기를 어려워요 좀… 사실은 아까까지 공부 하고 있었어요, 너무 피곤해요. 자야 되지만 이 블로구 포스트 진짜 쓰고 싶은데 잠 안 왔어요.그런데 지금은 정말 가야 돼요. 여러분, 여기까지 읽어줘서 감사합니다, 다음 포스트 봐요!

I am really tired so I should go now, I really just wanted to write something here to be honest. I really would love to write more,  but I lack of original ideas if by chance someone here is reading and interested in something in particular, please ask, I’ll be glad to answer!
Thank you for reading and see you soon!


Getting My Enthusiasm Back

It is a particularly busy time for me, lately. It is weird because I am actually unemployed and semi bedridden for  an acute back pain that just doesn’t want to go away, but I am actually quite busy. Well, at least mentally busy, in a good way. Around a month ago, I quitted my job in the Uk and came back to Italy. I won’t go too much into detail but my physical condition isn’t good and I wasn’t too fond of the job, nothing particularly interesting. When I was in the UK I got back into studying Korean, mostly revising and watching LOTS of dramas in my free time getting used to the language again. The only problem was that I didn’t have much time to dedicate myself fully to studying or at least I did have free time but not enough mind space to do more than sitting through TTMIK podcasts and jot down notes.

The turning point was around threeish weeks ago, I’ve found myself in Italy with a lot of real free time and motivation from all over the place. Compared to 4 years ago, when I first started learning Korean, the interest has definitely increased, korean wave or not I’ve found more people to talk to and share the learning experience with. I created a study group on Facebook, the majority of the members are still beginners but I receive a lot of motivation and this makes studying more fun and interactive. Also I joined the BitesizeKorean chat in which I am not that active but it has been a solid reference point for learning and asking questions. But a part from the free time and sharing what kept me going and truly made me get my enthusiasm for language learning back was reading over and over Archana’s blog. I swear I read her posts like five times each? Given that she seems such a nice person and that we have an incredible similar taste in drama genre she made me remember how to actually enjoy the learning process. Not only I feel super motivated but I feel like things are getting inside my head more quickly and that I am actually making small progresses!
I feel that I made it to the point in which slightly less basic grammar points and vocabulary are naturally coming out in my sentences. I am currently (slowly) reading the online preview of 구르미 그린 달빛 and even if it is waaay far from my level I can enjoy the reading by understanding things from the context without checking the dictionary or the textbook every five seconds.
In my ‘About’ page (which needs an update ASAP) you can find written that language learning is my hobby, in the past two years it wasn’t like that anymore. I am not sure what happened to make me go stray from this passion of mine but it happened and being back on track feels a lot like finding myself again. I am enjoying it, even if sometimes it is hard and frustrating. I try to dedicate at least 20 minutes per day to Korean and to use it as much as I can.

I would’ve never imagined that I could feel this passionate about Korean like this again, so thanks Jeannie for suggesting Archana’s blog, it truly had an impact in the last few weeks of my life!

How is your studying journey going? Are you stuck? What makes you feel passioned about learning languages? What motivates you?


Wow. My procastinating skills are well known already, but I’ve really almost forgot that I have a blog where I can write… STUFF!

Anyway, I don’t much to say. Just.. look up ^^`

You know, for freaking once I won something and it is a year to challenge myself. Back in September I decided to take part in a scolarship program for high school students. I did many tests, some interviews, and waited months and months for a response. And this bring us to February 20th, when I recieved the e-mail I was waiting. ONE YEAR ABROAD, IN MALAYSIA. WOW.

In these last few months I’ve been busy. Between school and preparation to my departure I seriously risked my sanity >w<  But anyway here I am, ready to leave in 23 days. Am I really ready? The answer is NO. Noppity no. Nope. Nein. Non. 

I mean I am extremely excited to leave and live this wonderful experience but at the same time I don’t want to go and leave all my family and friends behind. Living for this journey is also growing up and , as the eternal Peter Pan I am, it’s incredibly scary. I will stay in a local family and attend normal school so I’ll have to do my best to integrate. 

Last month there was a huge meeting for all the students who are leaving for Asia this summer. I had a lot of fun! I got the opportunity to meet some of my internet friends(we live in different cities and never had the possibility to meet), also I attended many lessons about the Malaysian culture. Frankly speaking, Malaysia is a beautiful place and I can’t wait to confirm that with my own eyes but at the same time it’s scary. Please, do not misunderstand me! A culture can never be wrong or right, just different and that’s what worries me a little bit about it. I am afraid to not be able to adapt and therefore to seem rude, not make any friend and be left alone… you know … I guess it’s normal… I hope it is ^^` 

Time is passing soooo soooo fast, and I haven’t packed yet.. I don’t really know what to bring with me… wow It has been a while since I last wrote here. Feels great doing it again though!! 

Wow, it’s 00.30 am. I better go to bed now~ 

Goodnight~~ See you soon!! 

I wish…

I wish I had failed more in my childhood.

Failure scares me and other people’s expetations make me nervous.

Really, I am just a human.

I really wish people would stop seeing me as the “super woman” they think I am because I am not.

Failing and disappointing the people around me is what I fear the most. I am not perfect and a part of me doesn’t want to accept it.

It’s scary.


Time… what a strange thing …

I feel like this will probably be a “Old Year Considerations” post, probably incredibly boring, I say sorry in advance^^`

I’m passing all my time thinking lately, trying to understand what is actually happening to me recently.. I am 16 (soon 17), a normal messed up teenager who has no idea of what’s going on aroud her. This 2013 has been a total Purgatory for me, too many bad things happened to consider it a good year and at the same time there are too many good things to consider it a bad one. And this makes me confused, way too many things occurred too fast and this overthinking is making me going insane.

This year I have:

~Met awesome and incredible people. Some of them made me both happy and sad

~Let go a person who didn’t deserve(in my opinion) my friendship anymore

~Applied for a year abroad with AFS

~Started Korean and Chinese (♥)

~Read great books suggested by the most unexpected person

~Gone through illness almost all the year long..

~Cried over someone

~Spoken with foreign people in real life

~Been depressed

~Lost weight

~Found out new music

~Attended a Russian and Romanian course

~Written my to my very first pen pal

~Visited new places

~Fought a lot with my family

~Gone to the doctor’s surgery way too many times

~Been picked because of my appearence and my lifestyle

~Started a blog, Facebook and Twitter

~Shed too many tears

~Hurt some people I love..

I don’t think I will promote this post, I guess it will stay here, anyone can read it but I prefer not to advertise it.. It was … a sort of solace post.. If you read untill here well, thank you. Not that I am that proud of what I wrote…

I wish you all a good 2014, I am positive over this one!


  • Time passes day by day, the old day falls on us like dust, when the new day comes, don’t shake off the dust of yesterday, as to our lives they are wealth.





あたし、まだ休みがないけどストだから学校に行ってない。。最近、本当に忙しくて、悲しかったさ・・ ちょっと家族の中問題あって、気分あんまり楽しくない。。でもね、冬休みが来てるから元気に出してみるね!


ってか・・・最近、やる気ないからあたしの日本語めっちゃ下手になった-.- 今、日本語で書いてるんけど。。。どうして今日日本語が出来ないの? これは本当のベイシックな日本語。。なんて最悪なーぁ

まあ、実は勉強あんまりしなかった今週はね^^‘ そろそろ怠け者になってるんね・・ でも、あたしはね、大変な女の子だと思うu_u 6語の外国語が勉強するからたまに頭めちゃくちゃになったりするね!

そして、昨晩雪女の物語インターネットで読んではじめてw子供のため物語なのに。。。ww 難しいだった。。漢字勉強しなくちゃ、ほんまに>.< 皆、漢字の練習のおススメ本ある?知ったら、コメントでぜひ書いてね^^

じゃ~ ここで終わると思う!

読んでくれてありがとうございます~ 皆さん、いい一日を!


선생님이 됐어??

Nothing big.. Just a friend of mine asked me to teach him Korean and even if I am a beginner myself I thought “why not? Challenge Accepted!” and I started it!

Actually, through “teaching” I realised that I know more things that I thought… Usually, when you are already used to some expressions and meanings, making people understand them can be quite a challenge. For example the difference between 은/는 and 이/가, to me it is pretty clear but to explain it it’s another cup of tea.. And actually you have to adapt to the person that is in front of you, not everyone get things as you do, so it also requires a lot a bit of patience^^`

If you have or will have the possibility to do something like this, I highly suggest you to give this “teaching” thing a try! It really can help you reviewing and fixing topics. Also I guess you can call it “experience”, I don’t know how it works in your country but here it’s pretty common to give lesson to juniors when you are in high school, to get some pocket money. I want to try it out because I really need to get some money for the year abroad, if I pass the tests…

Have you ever tried teaching? How did it go? ~

I am off now, I have to finish French homework(助けてええええ!!) 

Bye bye~~`