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Time… what a strange thing …

I feel like this will probably be a “Old Year Considerations” post, probably incredibly boring, I say sorry in advance^^`

I’m passing all my time thinking lately, trying to understand what is actually happening to me recently.. I am 16 (soon 17), a normal messed up teenager who has no idea of what’s going on aroud her. This 2013 has been a total Purgatory for me, too many bad things happened to consider it a good year and at the same time there are too many good things to consider it a bad one. And this makes me confused, way too many things occurred too fast and this overthinking is making me going insane.

This year I have:

~Met awesome and incredible people. Some of them made me both happy and sad

~Let go a person who didn’t deserve(in my opinion) my friendship anymore

~Applied for a year abroad with AFS

~Started Korean and Chinese (♥)

~Read great books suggested by the most unexpected person

~Gone through illness almost all the year long..

~Cried over someone

~Spoken with foreign people in real life

~Been depressed

~Lost weight

~Found out new music

~Attended a Russian and Romanian course

~Written my to my very first pen pal

~Visited new places

~Fought a lot with my family

~Gone to the doctor’s surgery way too many times

~Been picked because of my appearence and my lifestyle

~Started a blog, Facebook and Twitter

~Shed too many tears

~Hurt some people I love..

I don’t think I will promote this post, I guess it will stay here, anyone can read it but I prefer not to advertise it.. It was … a sort of solace post.. If you read untill here well, thank you. Not that I am that proud of what I wrote…

I wish you all a good 2014, I am positive over this one!


  • Time passes day by day, the old day falls on us like dust, when the new day comes, don’t shake off the dust of yesterday, as to our lives they are wealth.