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There and Back Again + Let It Go



It’s been a while! I wonder if you guys have wondered where I’ve been all this time, probably not but ,anyway, I am here again! I am not the type that suddently leaves without a reason and my reason this time was SCHOOL >w< I don’t know how it works in your contry but here January-February along with May-June are the worst months for every student. 3 or 2 tests tests everyday for weeks, time for yourself? None… Aside that I am ill again and I haven’t had any interesting thing to say to you. I believe that this kind of blog(you know, like mine…) should be first of all informative and helpful for those who read it. Not that I have something against personal blogs, I also write pretty personal posts too, but I prefer focusing on languages and stuff. And, come on, who says we can’t write personal things without putting languages in between??

*The title “There and Back Again” is not mine(of course!), nor it has a particular meaning in this occasion, I just wanted to use it 😀 


Since I said that along with personal things we should also add something informative to this blog, I decided to share with you a song I’ve really been into in these last few months~ 

First of all guys, have you seen Frozen? You know, the new Disney animated film 🙂 Well, I did and I fell in love ♥ I know I seem pretty childish, indeed I think I am, but this film was really really great that I went 3 times at the cinema to watch it (I am hopeless!!). Like many of you already know, the soundtrack won several prizes and the main song “Let It Go” is nominated as Best Original Song for this year’s Academy Awards. Given that I love this movie with my whole heart today I wanted to talk about the song. I decided to translate the various version of the song into English and Italian, I already did Korean, Japanese and Chinese and since my blog is mainly about those languages I decided to post a little vocabs list for every version of the song I’ve translated , so you can learn some new vocabulary too~


ありのまま= the truth, fact, as it is

姿=すがた= figure, shape, appearance

囁く=ささやく= to whisper, to murmur

打ち明ける=うちあける= to be frank, to speak one’s mind, to open one’s heart 

戸惑い=とまどい= confusion, wanderment

悩む=なやむ= to be worried, to be troubled 

少しも=すこしも= anything, (with negative sentence) not one bit

冷える=ひえる= to grow cold, to get chilly, to cool down 

ほっと= feeling relieved 

Those are the new words I learnt translating this song, did you know them already? 


little ps. before leaving: Yesterday I turned 17 ~ I hope this year to be good 😀

SO~~ Bye bye guys~ 再见~~!!!


A little step forward in Korean


Recently when talking about Korean I started to feel a little bit more confident. I am still a beginner but these days I am picking up a lot of new grammar and words in Korean. The “funny” thing is that I stopped to learn new grammar from the internet for about a week, just to take a pause and see how I can “use” what I learned during my first 2 months(and a half) of Korean. I don’t know why but I feel incredibly happy and “proud” of me right now^^` 

You know, that’s what actually makes me want to continue working hard… These little victories…

Now while watching dramas, it can actually become a study activity, and listening to K-songs too! 

You will probably laugh at me but the two songs that made me feel proud this week are:

  • The Three Bears’ Song

I strongly believe that when learning a new language we are all like kids and starting from nursery rhymes and children songs is a good idea. I love this song, it’s cute and funny, very easy to understand! 

  • 사랑밖에 난 몰라

 This song, it’s beautiful and the singer makes me cry every time I listen to it! What makes me surprised of it is that I can pretty much understand all the grammar in it… I think the grammar used is very basic and understandable… Just yesterday I was reading about 당신 and when I came across this song I was surprised how much the author uses it, it can be a very rude word and also a polite way of addressing someone? A little bit like お前 in Japanese, right? Maybe it is a bit old fashioned? Anyway I became addicted to this song, and also I learnt new vocabulary with that, it would be useful for when I will meet a beautiful Korean 남자^^“ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ