Test me!

Hello everyone お久しぶり~오랜만이에요!

Today I got the official certificate for my FCE test I did last June, I already knew the result but seeing it in official paper with sign and everything made me nervous and more bad about it..

It happened that on June 11th it was a very hot day and guess who had sinusitis that day? Me, of course.. Actually despite being sick I managed to get a 78/100, a grade B. What actually makes me sad about it is that I couldn’t express the 100% of my abilities… I know I am far better than a mere B2 and it isn’t just me bragging about my skills but I know how to use and comunicate in English. I do many mistakes, everyone does! I didn’t learn by heart list and list of vocabulary but I can speak and write in English, I know I could attend a British school without any problems…

To be honest, what really upsets me is that because of a stupid headache I couldn’t get an A and it’s something I can’t forgive myself for those 2 mere points… 

I know I am probably wrong but I know my skills and what I can do with English and it’s a pity that from now on I’ll be introduced with a B… It really doesn’t make me proud of myself..

Anyway I should be thankful that I menaged to get a B even if I was sick… But that B2 level still hurts… I would love to demonstrate that I really deserved some more.. Soooo next step will be passing the Advanced level and do it correctly this time! 

Have you ever taken any examination like this? Do you actually think they can say your level that easily?


Ps. Usually FCE is taken at 18 or more, I did it 2 years earlier, I was the youngest there… I wonder if influenced the final result…

PPs. sorry for the rant.


2 thoughts on “Test me!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! *throws confetti* No matter how you did, you did great taking that it’s a difficult English exam and you were the youngest in the room 🙂 So, cheer up and celebrate! You passed it despite being ill 🙂
    I took IELTS as English exam for university and only managed to take 7.5 out of 9. I could have done a lot better, but I get super emotional whenever I have to speak in front of an official person and I didn’t have any private classes to prepare before the test. So, despite knowing I could have done a lot better, I’m still happy about it 😛 Especially since it helped me enter the uni without taking any exams <

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