Say something in…


This is probably the most asked question that people ask me when I say that I study languages… I guess every language learned came across this question at least once actually.. I don’t know you guys but I am very shy and most of the times I really don’t know how to reply this question and I always end up saying: 何聞きたいの? What do you want to hear? This question saves me, I still say something in Japanese but at the same time it is not something complicate to say. But the eventual reply is even worse for me though. there are 2 types of answer usually: The “whatever you say is fine, just say it” and the “tell me this ultramegasuper difficult sentence”. They both makes me very nervous><`

Really now, I am not that type of girl that doesn’t speak or what, I am pretty nice but when it comes of languages everything becomes more awkward and actually speak them makes me very nervous, especially with native speakers!

Few days ago a girl asked me to say something in Korean, I am still a total beginner and I don’t know why she waited for me to say super complicated things like a real Korean person… I swear I felt really embarrassed but at the same time I wanted to say something… I said:   머리부터 발끝까지 살이 빠지고 싶어요, I want to get thin from head to toes… I know it’s lame but it was the only thing I could say at the moment >w<

I have some 14th September resolutions for the future days,

  • I need to improve my speaking, after all every language is meant to be spoken and in the end studying lot of grammar and vocabulary and then not being able to communicate is useless. I’ll try my best to get better as for this point.
  • Stop feeling anxious every time I have to speak out loud, there is no reason why I should feel that way! I know what I can do with a language and I don’t get the reason of this anxiety, I’ll try to be more confident with it.
  • Maybe finding someone that can speak with me, a native speaker that is willing to speak with a total beginner like me… I’ve had some language partners and I’ve done few Skype calls but it didn’t went too well, in the end we always spoke English and the language practice was 0 in the end…

I’ll do my best to improve! 頑張ります!

’till next time, take care everyone~~!


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