(Funny) Japanese Grammar Textbook from 1938

Yesterday I was browsing on the internet looking for some advanced Japanese grammar in Italian(I know there are plenty good sites in English, but I don’t know why yesterday I felt like studying in Italian), and I found this:Image

Grammar and Vocabulary of Japanese Language

Later I found out that this is a second edition of a book printed in 1911… This one was published in 1938…


Actually the Japanese in it isn’t that strange as I imagined. It’s really formal and it’s all written in Kanji, the only Kana are in katakana, is it correct? Maybe in 1938 people only used katakana ^^`

The thing that makes me laugh the most is the Italian in it, I don’t speak like that and I don’t know anybody who actually speaks like this.. And this brings to another question:

Why on earth a textbook from 1938 is now an e-book that you can easily find on the net?????


5 thoughts on “(Funny) Japanese Grammar Textbook from 1938

  1. 古!こんなんネットにあるんや!?よく見つけたなー。言葉としては今でも使うヤツだけど、普通、漢字で書かないヤツばっかだ。漢字で書かれると全く読めん。「悉く」とか読めるヤツいねーぞ。「余計」も昔は↑な風に書いたんだ。。。知らなかった。「ちっと」に漢字があるなんて初めて知った。「ちっと/ちと」って打っても、俺のiPad、漢字に変換されんし、ちっとも役に立たん。

    • うん、あのイタリア語マジで変だよ!今みんなそんな話言わない!

  2. Wow! You actually has something like this back the 20th century?! Wow! There are still few books that allow you to learn Japanese in Romanian here^^’ But you had this back in 1911… Amazing! 🙂

    • I wonder who bought this book actually….and ecspecially who made an e-book out of it!
      Those kind of “manuals” were pretty popular once, I have one for English that was printed in 1937

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