A little step forward in Korean


Recently when talking about Korean I started to feel a little bit more confident. I am still a beginner but these days I am picking up a lot of new grammar and words in Korean. The “funny” thing is that I stopped to learn new grammar from the internet for about a week, just to take a pause and see how I can “use” what I learned during my first 2 months(and a half) of Korean. I don’t know why but I feel incredibly happy and “proud” of me right now^^` 

You know, that’s what actually makes me want to continue working hard… These little victories…

Now while watching dramas, it can actually become a study activity, and listening to K-songs too! 

You will probably laugh at me but the two songs that made me feel proud this week are:

  • The Three Bears’ Song

I strongly believe that when learning a new language we are all like kids and starting from nursery rhymes and children songs is a good idea. I love this song, it’s cute and funny, very easy to understand! 

  • 사랑밖에 난 몰라

 This song, it’s beautiful and the singer makes me cry every time I listen to it! What makes me surprised of it is that I can pretty much understand all the grammar in it… I think the grammar used is very basic and understandable… Just yesterday I was reading about 당신 and when I came across this song I was surprised how much the author uses it, it can be a very rude word and also a polite way of addressing someone? A little bit like お前 in Japanese, right? Maybe it is a bit old fashioned? Anyway I became addicted to this song, and also I learnt new vocabulary with that, it would be useful for when I will meet a beautiful Korean 남자^^“ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


4 thoughts on “A little step forward in Korean

  1. Hehehehee, I know what you’re talking about there^^ I also love it when I can understand some parts of the songs I listen to 🙂 Oh, what Bada sings, All I Know is Love, is a dearly song of mine. I know it by heart 🙂
    Glad that you’re finding Korean enjoyable. Can’t help but feel envious a little since I know I’ll be such a brick head when I’ll have to learn it TT.TT

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